Men’s Health

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Health Topics

Men’s Health

Celebrate Dads who live smoke-free lives

Fathers play a significant role in influencing their children. Dads are encouraged to model a healthy way of living for their children by not smoking. Together, family and friends can support dads who are trying to quit.

Father’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the contribution that fathers and father figures make to children’s lives. Fathers help children navigate through society and influence general habits and their overall way of living. Research on the roles that fathers play in families points to the significant and unique ways they influence and affect the lives of their children. Roles such as “provider” and “hero” can change based on the decisions that a father makes in his own life. These decisions can have a profound effect—changing the path a child takes in life as well as their perceptions of their father because they view him as a role model.

Celebrate Dads who live smoke-free lives

Top 10 Checkups and Screenings for Men

It’s striking that men are 24% less likely than women to have visited the doctor during the past year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). But it’s vitally important for both men and women to get regular checkups and screenings. These visits can help you stay healthy and spot signs of serious diseases and conditions early, when they are most treatable.

Common Screenings and Checkups

The checkups and screening tests men need, and when they need them, depends on their age, health, and personal risk factors for certain conditions.

Top 10 checkups and screenings for men

Key Takeaways

  • Stay healthy with regular health checkups and screening tests.
  • Discover diseases and conditions early so you have the best chance of treating them successfully.
  • Visit a primary care doctor regularly for your entire life even if you’re feeling well.
  • Ask your doctor about other additional screenings and follow-up appointments based on your screening results and medical history.